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It’s Complicated – Film Review

It's Complicated - Photo: Universal Pictures
It's Complicated - Photo: Universal Pictures

Why does it always have to be so complicated? In the case of the film written and directed by Nancy Meyers scheduled to open on Christmas day, it was almost predictable.

Meet Jane (played by Meryl Streep) and Jake (played by Alec Baldwin). They’re ?the typical middle aged couple from Santa Barbara who got divorced after 20+ years of marriage. Jake married a much younger girl that he had been fooling around with and Jane moved on, or did she?

While at the graduation ceremony of their son in New York, the chemistry they once had reappeared. Suddenly they are having an affair and can’t keep their hands off each other.

Meryl Streep once again plays a perfect role in It’s Complicated. You see her spending a lot of time in the kitchen like she did in Julie and Julia. The writers make a point of mentioning the online dating site and the film title comes from a relationship status on Facebook. Social media and social dating are now just part of the daily conversations.

Having an appealing film which includes an adulterous affair during the time that Tiger Woods is making the headlines will make singles and couples wonder, are we giving permission for you to stray from your marriage? Is recycling the ex now going to be acceptable? ?Is the grass always greener? Was it just the oxytocin or did Jake really want a reconciliation with his wife?

As usual, I enjoy romantic comedies and this one is worth seeing during the Christmas holidays. My favorite scene: Meryl Streep in the kitchen of her gourmet restaurant making chocolate croissants after hours on her date with Steve Martin. My rating: 4/5.

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