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Kissable Lips

Unless its in the script, actresses smooching on screen do not leave traces of lip color on their co-stars. And neither should we real people. That’s why celebrity makeup artist Terri Apanasewicz recommends lip stains to many of her celebrity clients and real-world P3 Beauty customers.

Liptini lip stains are the perfect accessory for kissable lips. The color stays on you, not on your partner-in-kissing. It?s an alcohol free formula and easy to apply. The stains come in 15 colors, some with shimmer, so you can mix your own Liptini cocktail by layering different ones.?

For a professional makeup artist’s tips on how to apply lip stains and get a polished look every time you put on makeup, get Terri’s new DVD, ?The Perfect Pretty Process.? ?P3 is a special way of applying makeup that is simple, quick, and transforming. Check it out at

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