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Love those Lashes

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Nothing is sexier than long luscious lashes. These days there are so many products and mascara choices to make, however now all of my friends are appearing with extra long lashes, and they are their very own. Why? Because several products have been created lately which are FDA approved to actually help your lashes grow. All you need to do is put a thin liner on your eyelid once a day and within thirty days, your eye lashes will have lengthened. It’s the talk of the town, so go to your local beauty supply shop or your dermatologist’s office and request one of the many brands that are available. You’ll have more fun after being “winked” on your next cyber-date.

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One Response to “Love those Lashes”

  1. jhen on April 27th, 2009 8:45 am

    Is that really true..
    All i know is that vaseline can make my lashes grow…

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