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Let's Get . Study Shows Single Parents Date More than Singles who are Childless

Single Parents DatingFor those of you who are dating and are wondering if being a single parent will affect your love life, there?s good news for you. released their biggest singles study ever and the findings showed that not only do single parents go out on more dates than singles without kids, but more single parents (21%) are actively dating as compared to those without kids (16%).

The ?Single in America? study led by Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor for and focused on key myths about singles. Dr. Fisher stated, ?I am fascinated to learn that men are just as eager to marry and have children, and more eager to compromise in a relationship.

Some of the key myths in the study included:

Myth: Young singles today are promiscuous.
Fact: More people in the 21-34 age group say they have never had sex. To be precise, 24% of men and 23% of women ages 21-34 are virgins.

Myth: I love you implies a serious commitment.
Fact: 31% of singles believe that ?I love you? means ?I want you in my life? and 30% believe it means ?I care about you.? Only 14% think it means ?I want to spend the rest of my life with you? and 19% that ?I want to have a committed relationship with you.?

Myth: Unemployed means unlucky in love.
Fact: 50% of singles would be open to dating someone unemployed if they found the person interesting.

Myth: Hook-ups never turn into relationships.
Fact: 36% of singles are open to a casual hook-up in the near future; and 54% of singles have had a one-night stand. 35% of singles have had a one-night stand that turned into a long term partnership.

Dr. Fisher appeared on Good Morning America where she stated, ?The single most interesting thing in the study is that 35% of men and women who had initially met someone they found not attractive, eventually later fell passionately in love with them.?

So how does this news affect online daters? Dr. Fisher said that singles are more willing to date outside their faith and ethnicity and the age gap between couples has widened. My advice for singles looking for love online, widen your search parameters on your online dating profile and be more open to the possibilities. Accept that second date and see if the relationship can develop.

Are you a single parent? Are you finding dating challenging or are you making the time and effort to have a love life? Comments are welcome.

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2 thoughts on “ Study Shows Single Parents Date More than Singles who are Childless”

  1. Love with Love

    It is very important that the single parent always put their kids first and the best way to go it be honest about their situation as parents. Sometimes, usually men hide this fact, and issues may appear when the truth is revealed and can even affect the status of a relationship, mostly when this relationships are with people that do not have children.Dating a Single parent is not a negative thing, but when the important facts are hidden, it is hard to build a real relationship based in trust.

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