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Meeting Roger Daltrey – A Crush Come True

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rogerdaltreyphotoBeing a former rock and roll DJ, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many talented musicians and rock stars. When The Who’s movie Tommy was released, I found myself with a crush on their lead singer, Roger Daltrey. I’m sure I wasn’t alone.

It’s hard to believe it was 40 years ago that The Who released their Rock Opera Tommy and appeared at Woodstock.

So, when the opportunity came up for me to meet Roger Daltrey his Use It Or Lose It tour in Los Angeles, I jumped at the chance.

IMG_1948Although I have seen The Who dozens of times, going backstage at the historic Orpheum Theatre on Saturday night was a thrill. I shared my excitement with my friends on Facebook the day of the event. Many agreed that I was a lucky girl.

Daltrey decided to do his solo tour to keep his voice in shape in between The Who’s live concert tours. He chuckled to the crowd a few times when he missed a few notes, all in good spirit.

While backstage, I had the opportunity to chat with Daltrey and reminisce about the days when I played his music on the radio. He was charming and warm, and certainly looked younger than his 65 years.

IMG_1926Although I was disappointed that he didn’t perform anything from Tommy, I was thrilled to hear him sing some of my favorites including Behind Blue Eyes, I Can See for Miles, and Baba O’Riley.

Being embraced by Roger Daltrey, after decades of having a crush on him was certainly a highlight of my life. Even though Who guitarist Pete Townshend was obviously missing, having his younger brother, Simon Townshend perform with Daltrey was a treat. The tour will end on November 30, 2009 in Clearwater, Florida. Thank you Roger Daltrey for coming to Los Angeles and putting a smile on my face.

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2 Responses to “Meeting Roger Daltrey – A Crush Come True”

  1. Billy Solestis on September 15th, 2011 8:21 pm

    Simon is Pete’s brother, not his son.

  2. Julie Spira on September 15th, 2011 8:34 pm

    Thank you for noticing the error. He is indeed Pete’s younger brother.

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