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OkCupid Adds Relationship Type to Dating Profiles

OkCupid Relationships

Have you taken a look at your OkCupid profile lately?

The online dating site has added a new category to your dating profiles in the my detail section called “Relationship Type.”

Sandwiched in between income and offspring, daters looking to connect on OkCupid can now let potential dates know if they’re interested in having a monogamous relationship, or not.? Taking it a step further, you can advertise whether you’re strictly monogamous, mostly monogamous, or strictly or mostly non-monogamous.

New Ok Cupid Relationship Types

OkCupid Relationships



Cupid Relationship Status 2




While most women will state that they’re monogamous to attract a guy who won’t expect to sleep with them on the first date, it will be interesting to see how the men will fill in the blanks, if they fill in the blanks at all.

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Up until now, members have listed their status as single, seeing someone, married, or in an open-relationship. The questions that members answer have further identified whether you’d sleep with someone on dates 1-2, 3-5, 6 or more, or after the honeymoon.

This new feature allows you to focus on whether you’ll be sleeping with multiple people or not. Does this mean members should represent themselves as casual daters or those who’ll be playing the field?

How would you describe your relationship type?

Do you think this feature will focus on more casual relationships?

Your comments are welcome.

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1 thought on “OkCupid Adds Relationship Type to Dating Profiles”

  1. I just noticed it today. I have been dating someone who is poly for a few months and he told me last week that there were more poly men then poly women. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a more clear statement of who you are just showed up on OKCupid. I will be happier even when you can use it for a search, paid or unpaid, which I am guessing they are working on now.

    I live in a very poly friendly town so my guess is people will use it fairly honestly, but I can see how it could be used by men to find what they think are “loose” women.

    Some people have lifetime poly relationships so that is hardly “casual”. I guess it depends on how informed the users are about polyamory.

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