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Let's Get . – Online Dating: The Dos, The Don’ts, The Musts plus a Smile

Lesley Dorman wrote a terrific article on about online dating.

By carefully crafting her online dating profile 12 years ago, she met and married her husband.

Besides the obvious suggestions of making sure you have a terrific profile photo and tell your accurate age, Dorman suggests that you put on your lipstick, wear your favorite outfit, and feel sexy while writing your Internet dating ad. ?She came up with 9 suggestions. I am adding #10 – Smile.

Smile when you are writing your profile, smile when you are reading the emails from your male suitors, and smile if you get lucky enough to graduate to a phone call and meet in person.

One of the biggest compliments I have received from men online is that they were drawn to my smile. This first impression is a lasting one. Even on a date, a gentleman will tell me how he enjoys seeing me smile.

Thank you Lesley for sharing your tips and your success in finding love online.

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