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She’s Got The Look

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By Heather Juma?

What does your look say about you? Like it or not, others will pass judgment on you based solely on your appearance. The key to dating success when it comes to your look is to consider your appearance part of packaging your brand.

Firstly, what you need to do is define your brand. Then, you need to decide how you will covey your message with your personal style.

Start by making a list of the emotions you want your brand to evoke. These words should help you communicate the qualities of the date you would like to attract.

The next step is to define your?”ideal” date. How does your?”ideal”date expect you to look? Are you conveying the right messages to your date? A great clue is to look at how your?potential date packages themselves. So if you’re comfortable in jeans and T-shirts, that’s fine–just remember you won’t attract a guy with?champagne and caviar taste. Whenever you leave the house, remember that you represent your brand. If your look makes you feel comfortable, attractive, fashionable, and above all, confident, then your overall self-confidence will soar, as will your brand.

Your packaging will convey that you are indeed a?sophisticated, dynamic?woman, a woman that he would be fortunate to date if you are willing!

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Now YOU’VE got the look!

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