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Peril of the Week – They Call Me Dr. Who?


A California beauty just shared her story of the Doctor she met from an online dating site. The physician told her he practiced medicine at a prestigious clinic. He drove 60 miles to meet his cyber-date. He handed her his business card confirming that he was indeed a medical doctor. ?He spoke proudly at great length about the facility he provided medical services to.

The Doctor was a bit nervous on his date and kept rambling on and on, until the truth was finally revealed. It turned out that he was in fact a patient at the well-known rehab clinic and not a Doctor at all. He went as far as having business cards printed up that he proudly handed out indicating he was an M.D.

The woman got a bit nervous when she realized that his stories didn’t add up and ended the coffee date quickly after 20 minutes. One wonders what the meaning is behind the term, “practicing medicine” and if this gentleman raises his hand when he hears, “Is there a Dr. in the house?”

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Look Over Your Shoulder

Let’s face it. Showing a bare shoulder is a sexy look.

Have you ever thought of wearing a beautiful strapless or off the shoulder dress or sweater on one of your Internet dates, only to find yourself frustrated with the very obvious bra strap ruining your perfect look??

First impressions do matter and I recently found a fashionable solution and ordered a Black & Diamond?jeweled bra strap designed by Alison Mercer, of Strappys.

Heads were turning by both men and women asking me where I had found these beautifully designed elegant straps. ?I turned a so-so look into a very classy and sophisticated look by hooking a pair of Strappy’s to my strapless bra.?With over 40 selections to choose from, Strappy’s can make a wonderful addition to your wardrobe or a fun stocking stuffer.

Your next Cyber-Date will be impressed with your sense of style.