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Cyber-Dating Safety Tips

safetytipsAlong with the joys of cyber-dating, it is important for singles to use caution and be aware of keeping your identity safe.?Paul Falzone, CEO of The Right One/Together Dating Service offers terrific advice for practicing safe surfing while Looking for Love Online.?

According to Falzone, there are many whose desire for romance will lead them to pick up the equivalent of hitchhikers online.?Instant messaging, chat rooms and online personal ads have become an unavoidable part of the online experience, but who knows who might be on the other side of the keyboard?

?Keeping yourself and your identity safe when you?re looking for love online is challenging, but, not impossible,??adds?Falzone. And he should know as the head of the largest brick-and-mortar dating service in the world.

?For every good-hearted man or woman looking for love, there is a dangerous line-up of shady characters that includes con men, liars and the most violent of criminals. Give out too much information, or even a little, as you chat and you may find yourself a victim of a cyber stalker, harassment, identity theft or worse,??said Falzone.

In light of some recent tragedies of online dating gone wrong and the significant rise in identity theft, Falzone offers 10 ?key cyber-dating safety tips with terrific advice on how to avoid online harassment and cyber stalking as well as compromised personal information:??

1? ?Do not fill out online profiles for free e-mail accounts that you may use when chatting or instant messaging. Even ? the most seemingly innocuous piece of information, when coupled with the personal information that may slip out in conversation can be used to pry into your personal life.

2???Be aware that an abundance of personal information can be harvested through both free and paid Web sites. Be very leery of any additional information you may post on a personal homepage or social network sites such as MySpace, Facebook and others.

3. ?Avoid using screen names that reveal your identity or location.

4???Be sure to protect your computer and your personal information by installing and keeping computer security software up-to-date to deter online thieves.

5???Don’t respond to, and block, any annoying, threatening or harassing e-mail.

6???When mail or phone contact is necessary, such as when using auction sites, try to use an office phone number and address or a postal box.

7????Be aware of any vague or inconsistent information that a correspondent provides.

8????Be skeptical of any photo they send that look too professional or ?too good to be true.? It may just be an image pulled from the Net.

9????If you become the victim of stalking or harassing behavior, don?t hesitate to report it to the legal authorities just as you would with such treatment offline. You may also be able to report such conduct to the offending parties Internet Service Provider.

10????Be familiar with online resources intended to educate the public about such online issues. These sites include, and

Whether you use an online dating or singles? service or even one of the ?brick and mortar? variety, ask questions to gauge how well they will protect and serve you. Do they conduct background checks? Are their safeguards to ensure that members are not married or have criminal records? Will they offer a guarantee? Are they in good standing with local business associations and the Attorney General?s office?

Falzone continued, ?There is no way to be completely safe or secure when using the Internet as a meeting place. But by being skeptical, and using your head as much as your heart, it is possible to have fun without attracting unnecessary danger.?

Now catering to more than 300,000 members at over 60 locations throughout North America, The Right One and Together Dating are the largest brick and mortar dating services in the industry. The Right One and Together Dating offer a more consistent product, a greater number of potentially compatible mates and added value of flexibility in transferring memberships to another geographic region.

For more information about The Right One and Together Dating, please visit their websites at and

Cyber-Dating Tips for the Holidays

“Tis the Season to be… Love and Online!”

But what happens when the holidays are around the corner and you are single? Here are some tips to cheer up the holiday blues and help singles in the Cyber-Dating world make the best of the holiday season. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

Cyber-Dating Tip #1. ?GET A NEW LOOK. ?Try changing your hairstyle, go shopping in your closet, and jump out of your comfort zone and try wearing a different color.

Cyber-Dating Tip #2. ?GET NEW PHOTOS. ?Why wait until the New Year to show off your new look. It’s time to get some professional photos taken, and upload them to your online dating profile. ?Refresh your look in the eyes of those who will be searching for you.

Cyber-Dating Tip #3. ?JOIN AN ONLINE DATING SITE. If you are not online now, or think you should wait until the holidays are over, you may be missing out on meeting that special someone or being invited to a holiday party. ?There are plenty of sites that offer free trial memberships. ?Check out our?Dating Community?to see a few options.

Cyber-Dating Tip #4. ?GO TO SINGLES EVENTS. ?There are plenty of singles events in every town. Check your emails and local newspapers for the schedule and r.s.v.p. with a yes! ?Many of the Internet dating services have holiday parties scheduled for singles during the month of December. Other dating and matchmaking services have dinner parties and dances just for the holidays.

Cyber-Dating Tip #5. GRAB YOUR SINGLE FRIENDS. ?If you are dating online now, consider each date as someone who can expand your social network. ?You might not fall in love over coffee or lunch, but if you make a new friend along the way and host a party, they can bring their single friends as well.

And if you are successful with any of these Cyber-Dating Tips for the Holidays, please remember to let us know at?

Julie Spira is an author and cyber-dating expert. If you like this article, you have permission to reprint or repost it in its entirety with the bio and link intact.


Love Life Makeovers with Gina Hendrix

Are you interested in hearing more about Cyber Dating? ?Listen to Cyber-Dating Expert, Julie Spira, who was a recent guest on Gina Hendrix’s fun and flirty radio show, Love Life Makeovers. ?Gina, a professional matchmaker and owner of Selective and Single asked Julie some very personal questions about her love life, her viewpoint on Internet dating, and her personal rules of netiquette from her upcoming book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating:Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online. ? Listen to the podcast now and hear some online dating tips from an expert.

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Look Over Your Shoulder

Let’s face it. Showing a bare shoulder is a sexy look.

Have you ever thought of wearing a beautiful strapless or off the shoulder dress or sweater on one of your Internet dates, only to find yourself frustrated with the very obvious bra strap ruining your perfect look??

First impressions do matter and I recently found a fashionable solution and ordered a Black & Diamond?jeweled bra strap designed by Alison Mercer, of Strappys.

Heads were turning by both men and women asking me where I had found these beautifully designed elegant straps. ?I turned a so-so look into a very classy and sophisticated look by hooking a pair of Strappy’s to my strapless bra.?With over 40 selections to choose from, Strappy’s can make a wonderful addition to your wardrobe or a fun stocking stuffer.

Your next Cyber-Date will be impressed with your sense of style.

Cyber Dating Tips in a Recession

With the economy on shaky ground and the multiple aftershocks of banks disappearing on a weekly basis, how does one manage to court, date, and look their best in the cyber-dating world? With love being recession-proof, one needs to be creative when getting ready for an online date.?

Holiday Makeover: Paul Mitchell School

Holiday Makeover: Paul Mitchell School

Just this past weekend, I wanted to look my best for a date and was fortunate that I could attend the ?Holiday Makeover? event held at the Paul Mitchell School in the Los Angeles Area, hosted by An Empowered Woman, a woman?s networking group that I belong to.??

Going to a beauty school for haircuts, makeovers, and grooming treatments is a terrific way of looking your best on a budget. I arrived at the school wearing a stunning purple cashmere Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress that I acquired at her new outlet store in Cabazon, California. With 40% off retail and an additional 10% of coupon from my AAA card, I was wearing the color of the season and no one knew it was practically free.

My makeup was done by a team from Arbonne, and I had my hair styled by a student at the Paul Mitchell School. Going to a local beauty school for grooming treatments is a smart thing to do in a troubled economy. At the salon I went to the charge for a haircut is only $12 and a color treatment costs $35. And the best part is, they take appointments.

My date arrived with one single rose. A man should know that just one rose will make a lasting impression and has the same impact as the entire dozen to a woman, and of course costs only 1/12th of the price. These days you can stop by a local supermarket and pick out a rose of your choice on your way to a date.

If you are a theater buff, make sure you are on the email list for the ? price ticket offers that are available in most cities. With less people buying theater tickets these days, there is an overflow of discounted tickets available. I recently saw the musical Wicked at 40% off the regular price of the tickets.

Remember, love is recession proof. A woman can look sophisticated and fashionable, and a man can still be a hero when you are being both creative and practical. For more tips on getting ready for a date, check back with us frequently at

Julie Spira is an author and cyber-dating expert. If you like this article, you have permission to reprint or repost it in its entirety with the bio and link intact.