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Cyber Wedding Album – Bobbi and Larry

Bobbi and Larry
Met in March, 2006
Engaged in April, 2006
Married in September, 2006
Met on

Bobbi had been dating online for several years on and off. For the most part, she enjoyed her cyber-dating experiences.

Larry decided to send Bobbi a “wink” on Bobbi winked back at him and after one email and a short phone call, they met a few weeks later.? Bobbi had? a list of “must-haves” and unfortunately Larry didn’t pass the test as his relationship status was “separated” and it was a deal breaker for Bobbi, or so she thought.

By their third date, the couple had moved in together. After six short weeks they were engaged. In only six months the couple who started out with a wink got married. Bobbi was in her late 40s and had never been married before. She knew after the first date that Larry was her pefect match. They are now very happily married and want to share their story in the Cyber Wedding Album at

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Cyber Wedding Album – Kristen and Rich

Kristen and Rich – Ridgefield, CT
Met in April, 2002
Engaged in March, 2003
Married in November, 2003
Met on Match

Kristen and Rich met in 2002 on On their second date, Kristen decided to fix up her best girlfriend with Rich’s closest male friend and the four of them went on a double date. The evening was so successful, that now both couples have been happily married for five years. One online ad, two marriages…..not bad for

Congratulations to Kristen and Rich for being in the Cyber Wedding Album. at


Cyber Wedding Album – Cristy and Kurt

Cristy and Kurt – Palm Beach, FL
Met in December, 2004
Engaged in April, 2006
Married in November, 2007
Met on?Met on Eharmony?

Cristy and Kurt are the perfect example of a happy couple meeting online. Their courtship took a natural path on they are very happily married! ?Congratulations to Cristy and Kurt from your friends at

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Cyber Wedding Album – Jaynine and Jerry

Jaynine and Jerry – Jacksonville, NC

Met in November, 2006

Engaged in January, 2007

Married in January, 2008

Met on Yahoo! Personals

Jaynine created a teleclass in October, 2006 to help couples find love online using the Law of Attraction. Following her own advice, only one month later, she met Jerry on Yahoo! Personals.

The couple got engaged in January, 2007 and were married a year later in January 2008. Jaynine is proof-positive you should practice what you preach. ?We welcome the happy couple to the?Cyber Wedding Album?at

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