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The Modern Day Dating Calling Card

I just read an interesting article in The New York Times that I must share with you. ?The article ?mentions newly launched sites which had its debut in May, as well as

As members of both of these sites, you can spot a hottie, drop him a flirty calling card, and he can respond or not. It’s instant, you can be in the moment, and connections have resulted from these new simple techniques. According to the Times, Cheek’d members pay $25 for a monthly subscription which includes 50 calling cards. Recipients do not pay a fee.

Think about the lost opportunities you have missed out on. Perhaps you met an interesting guy on the airplane, and never followed up with your infatuation. He’s now gone. If you had a few flirty calling cards in your purse, you just might be going steady now. It’s a terrific ice-breaker and a great way to augment your existing online dating account.

So now, I’ll take a poll and welcome your comments. For $25, would you like to go out in the world armed and prepared if you spot a guy or gal who captures your eye? How would you feel if you’ve been Cheek’d by a woman or a man in a restaurant? Would you follow up online to learn more about this mystery man or woman?

I look forward to hearing more about the use of the modern day calling card as we continue to date in a Web 2.0 World.

Click here to read full article: The New Dating Tools: A Card and a Wink on The New York Times>>>

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