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The Women’s Conference

The Women's Conference 2009

Every year the First Lady of California hosts the Women’s Conference in Long Beach, CA. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend this empowering event and we are lucky to have Maria Shriver as our First Lady.

On the evening prior to the big event, I attended the Night at the Village along with 10,000 other women. I arrived just in time to see Paula Deen, foodie and television star and enjoyed watching heart-throb Mario Lopez interview authors Valerie Bertinelli, who told us about her two year diet success story and said that maintenance is a never-ending journey as well as Candace Bushnell who talked about her latest bestselling book, One Fifth Avenue. Mario admitted he was a fan of Sex and the City along with other men who wanted to know how women ticked. We waved hello to Maria Schriver and her cousin, Caroline Kennedy who were both signing copies of their books on our way out.

The full conference day featured speakers including, Madeleine Albright, Katie Couric, Kate Gosselin, and even snuck in a few good men including, Ashton Kutcher, Sir Richard Branson, and of course the Governor himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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