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We Welcome the Kindle 2

kindle2For the guy who has everything and an overloaded home library or book case, he will be thrilled when you surprise him with the latest in reading technology, with the?
Kindle 2: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation).

With over 240,000 books now available on Kindle, this new wireless device, which is as thin as a magazine, will come in handy for the avid reader. The wireless 3G technology lets you download books right from your Kindle with no monthly fees. ?You can download your favorite book in less than 60 seconds, without a PC.

One of the exciting features is the Read-t0-Me text-to speech functionality.
Kindle can read every newspaper, magazine, blog, and book out loud to you, unless the book is disabled by the rights holder. Most New York Times Best-Sellers and New Releases are priced at $9.99, unless marked otherwise. It’s the talk of the industry and a gift that won’t be returned to sender.

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