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Weopia Virtual Dating on Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show

Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show
Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert

Listen to Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show where we talked about a new service called Weopia. Weopia takes you on a 3-D virtual date. You can visit them for free now and try their service while it is still in beta form.

Dave Wilkie, CEO of Weopia says that couples using their service before meeting offline will be twice as likely to have a second date and want to meet online.

If you are a bit on the shy side, they will offer suggested ice breakers while on your date.

A full day pass will cost $4.95 and the monthly rate is expected to be $18.95.

Listen to learn more about dating, love and romance in a Web 2.0 World.

Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert. She's an award-winning dating coach who's been helping singles find love online for 25+ years. Follow @JulieSpira on IG.

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