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Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert:Advice – How do I let her know I’m Interested?

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Cyber-Dating Expert

Cyber-Dating Expert

James came to me looking for relationship advice in letting a girl he has liked for 6 months know his true feelings.

Dear Julie

Hi. I have a couple of questions.

I really really like this girl and have liked her for 6 months. I danced with her at a dance and would like to know what I can do to make this girl like me back.

I want to tell her my real feelings and I don’t know when where and how
to do it.


Dear James,

There is no way to force a woman to have the same feelings for you as you have for her. Asking her to dance was a good first start. Generally a woman will realize that you like her just by approaching her. Your next step would be to ask her out for a private date for a casual lunch of get together, not in a group setting. If she accepts your invitation, your relationship is going in the right direction. If she doesn?t, be happy that you have a nice friendship. Some relationships take time to build.

Our recent Cyber Love Story of the Week couple who met on is the perfect example of this. In this case, Lynn gave gave Dave the ?Let?s be friends? talk as she didn?t feel anything for him romantically. He stuck in there as her friend and confidant, and over time grew to love him. They were just married about a month ago. Patience is a virtue. Let us know how your first date went with the object of your affection.

Do you have a dating question you would like answered? If so, send contact us at? where we provide dating advice for men and women.

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