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Cyber Love Shoppe with Sarah Jessica Parker


Sex and the City fans have more to look forward to than television re-runs and the anticipated sequel to the film.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s successful fragrance line will keep your senses at the top, while you silently remaining a fan of the actress and the television series.

There are several scents to pick from including, ?Endless by Sarah Jessica Parker Eau de Parfum Spray and Twilight by Sarah Jessica Parker Eau de Parfum Spray.

My favorite one is Lovely for Women.

Go ahead an indulge yourself!

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A Bucket of Love from David’s Cookies

How exciting it would be to come home one day to find a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies on your doorstep! This can easily be accomplished by ordering your favorite flavor from David’s Cookies. I recall the days living in New York City where I walked the extra blocks just to get that chewy cookie from their storefront.

Nibble on these cookies with your cyber date and find the sweet side of life.

Get a bucket of love from David’s Cookies!

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America’s Favorite – One Dozen Red Roses


One of the results of being a successful online dater may mean you’ll get involved in a long distance relationship. If you are missing your honey on the 4th and can’t have fireworks together, let her know you are thinking of her by sending a nice arrangement of?America’s Favorite – One Dozen Roses Vased.

It will make her smile and start searching for a boarding pass in a New York minute.

Send Your Love with Flowers!

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Romance for her, Romance for him



Romance for Women


Romance for Men


I tend to love all things romantic, so when I found out that Ralph Lauren created a cologne called Romance that both men and women could enjoy, I decided to feature it in The Cyber Love Shoppe.

If you are dating and are a single parent, buy a bottle of?Romance by Ralph Lauren for Women 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray?for your cyber-date for Mother’s Day, and she can return the favor on Father’s Day with?ROMANCE For Men By RALPH LAUREN eau de toilette.?

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Charm Her with Chocolate


If the economy has got you down and you are interested in making an impression on your next cyber-date without having to go to Harry Winston, why not try?Delivered Chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat?

If your sweetie has a passion for fashion, check out the Catwalk of the Season, priced at $36 and features two stunning layers of their most sought after recipes, inspired by the new season and crying out to be shared by the two of you.

Their liquid chocolate classic is priced at only $16 and is made?with 72% dark chocolate and is brimming with deeply authentic flavors of cocoa. For those who like their drinking chocolate not too sweet and packed with a full-on chocolaty taste.

Enjoy 10% off all chocolate gift orders over $60 at Hotel Chocolat before June 30th 2009 with this exclusive US coupon code, CHOCA9.

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Singelringen for you

Being single is sometimes either a permanent choice one makes about their relationship status, or otherwise is just the place we are until the right one comes along.

Recently, I met Linda Sherman who introduced me to this pretty symbol of single life with the Singelringen.

singelringenThe Singelringen, was first introduced in 2005 in Scandanavia and is now worn by over 250,000 singles around the world! The creator of Singelringen felt that along with an engagement ring and a wedding band, there should be a ring for those who are single and proud of it.

Single celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Terrence Howard, Juliette Lewis and others have been seen with the Swedish Singelringen on their finger.

It would make a great statement of your self-confidence as well as a terrific gift for a single friend who has everything. Even Jennifer Love Hewitt bought one for her mother.

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Pretty in Pink

A cross between cosmetics and love potions,?LUSH Cosmetics?became a part of my life while?I was on vacation in Vancouver. I puchased a few of their fizzing?Lush Bath Bombs?that reminded me of days long ago sipping rootbeer fizzies. Their bath bombs come?in a variety of scents and flavors. Now Lush has expanded with retail stores throughout the U.S. and sells fabulous gift sets including their Think Pink gift set.

The Think Pink gift?set comes with 10 pink LUSH products, including a whole variety of essential oils, from soothing chamomile to charmingly wicked jasmine, wrapped in a reusable pink hat box with a pretty pink bow.??It’s a wonderful gift for yourself, your sweetheart, or for anyone you know who likes all things pink.

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You’ll flip over the Flip

theFlip Logo

You will absolutely flip over ?The Flip!

There is always that one gift on your wish list that you just have to have. In my case it was ?The Flip?Mino?HD???and I couldn’t wait to see if it would be in my stocking or not. ?I just opened the box of what is now considered “The Gift of the Year” and will bring it to holiday parties as well as ring in the New Year.

The Flip Mino is the world’s smallest HD Camcorder. ?It is portable, high quality, and you can put it in your pocket or purse and memorialize your cyber-dates.

The Flip Mino??makes HD Video Sleek and Simple. Get The Flip Mino here with Free Shipping!

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Design your own Engagement Ring

diamondengagementringIf love is in the air this holiday season, you might be discussing getting engaged. Perhaps your sweetheart is planning to surprise you and propose. ?If the discussion comes up about your desire for the perfect engagement ring, why not let your beau know that you can design your own engagement ring at DIAMOND.COM

So if he asks your preference, let him know about this site and the two of you can go online and design it together. Won’t that be a lasting memory? ?Create the Engagement Ring of your Dreams at

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All You Need is Love


Those who are lucky in love sometimes end up in Las Vegas. ?And while in Vegas, don’t forget to see the Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil performance at the Mirage. ?The production highlights the Beatles and their music. If your plans aren’t taking you to Vegas in the near future, pick up the CD of?Love (CD + Audio DVD)?online and you can hum to your favorite love songs throughout the holidays. The compilation of 26 tracks won 2 Grammy’s at the 50th annual Grammy Awards in February, 2008.

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