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The Red Wedding



Red Weddings at The Knot Wedding ShopI am a fan of the Billy Idol Song, “White Wedding” which hit the charts over 25 years ago as #36 on the Billboard Top 100 list.

However, recently I was introduced to the concept of a red wedding, and since red is my favorite color, I thought I’d look into it further and found that The Knot Wedding Shop
has a terrific supply of red wedding favors to brighten up your special day.

Dreams of walking down the aisle in a red Valentino gown will have to remain a dream for now, but if you are considering brightening up your look, check out the selection on their site. It will be a wedding people will never forget, as you will be remembered as “The Lady in Red” long after the honeymoon is over.

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Calling All Brides – Bring The Dress, Leave The Stress

According to?Wedding Industry Trends by The Wedding Report, Inc.? 2008, destination weddings have increased by 400% in the last decade. Occidental Hotels is capitalizing on this trend and making it easy for brides to select one of their all-inclusive resorts for their wedding celebration.

allegroweddingOccidental now has an online “save the date” invitation tool along with several romantic all-inclusive packages at their locations throughout the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Mexico.?Complimentary weddings are availabe to parties booking a minimum of 15-20 rooms in some locations.?

The hotel chain guarantees that a wedding coordinator will contact the bride within two business days after the online booking request is received to go over the options with the bride, thus resulting in less stressful wedding planing.

Couples can visit their site at to review the options.

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Your Mother-in-Law Should Know

daughterinlawrulesBest-selling author, Sally Shields, who wrote the book,?The Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 Surefire Ways to Manage (and Make Friends with) Your Mother-in-Law! has provided us with some great advice in her book to ease the stress of the wedding planning for the bride.

Sally’s vision is to inspire more harmony among 20 million mothers and daughters-in-law worldwide by providing tips on how to get along with your future mother-in-law.

Sally gives five tips for remaining on good terms and happy with your mother-in-law.

1. Send Your MIL Cards and Flowers on her 3 Special Days (birthday, anniversary, and mother’s day)

2. Call Your MIL Regularly (preferably weekly)

3. Ask Your MIL for Her Advice ? Frequently (And then follow through)

4. Tell Your MIL What a Great Job She Did as Mother ?(She’ll love the compliments)

5. Compliment Your MIL?s Looks?Often! (If she looks young, let her know)

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Green Wedding: Planning your Eco-Friendly Celebration


Mireya Navarro, an environmental writer for the??New York Times,?has just written a wedding book for today’s eco-friendly world called?Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration.

The book features stories from couples who have “greened up” their dream weddings, along with beautiful photos and ideas for an eco-friendly wedding celebration. If your guests are interested in global-warming, and they should be, they will appreciate the efforts made by the?environmentally responsible bride and groom.

Green principles will give you a much needed reality check as you grapple with the emotions and stresses of wedding planning. If you risk drowning in the wedding 100-item to-do checklist, a green wedding throws you a no-waste life ring. ?It gives you an armor to fend off unwanted pressures from relatives, friends, or vendors trying to covince you to spend lavishly on fancy tablecloths or flower arrangements. It adds clarity, sorts out priorities and choices. “That’s not??green!” you can resond to a pushy helper and move on.

In addition,?Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration?will make a great gift for a couple who just got engaged.

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Bridesmaid Dresses – Un-matching is the New Trend

bridesmaidsdressesBridesmaid Dresses ? Is Un-matching the New Trend??

If you have attended a wedding recently, chances are you noticed the popular trend among?bridesmaids. More now than ever, bridesmaids are wearing dresses in different styles or colors and more brides are starting to choose this option for their attendants.?

There are several reasons why this new trend is catching on. First of all, if bridesmaids are given the option to choose their own gown, chances are they?ll love it and be able to wear it again in the future. Many of us still have several bridesmaid dresses hanging in our closets from past weddings. Second, it’s ?difficult for a bride to choose one dress style that will look good on several different ?ladies with varying shapes. ?Third, and most important, it?s one less decision for the bride to make during what ends up a very stressful time. Typically, brides will choose a color theme or style and send their attendants out to search for a dress on their own.

Finally, if bridesmaids are to pay for their own dresses, the bride can feel better about the expense their honored attendees will be purchasing for their wedding day.

For the easiest solution for un-matching bridesmaid dresses, shop through a bridal company where you will find the best selection. ?The bride can choose the fabric and color, then the bridesmaids can simply choose their favorite style.?

Overall, the trend for un-matching bridesmaid dresses can be a positive experience for everyone involved.

Contributed by Krista Dunk.

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Design your own Engagement Ring

diamondengagementringIf love is in the air this holiday season, you might be discussing getting engaged. Perhaps your sweetheart is planning to surprise you and propose. ?If the discussion comes up about your desire for the perfect engagement ring, why not let your beau know that you can design your own engagement ring at DIAMOND.COM

So if he asks your preference, let him know about this site and the two of you can go online and design it together. Won’t that be a lasting memory? ?Create the Engagement Ring of your Dreams at

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Destination Weddings

The destination wedding celebration. It’s the latest trend for brides and grooms. ?According to Adrienne Sasson, a Certified Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist, over one out of six wedding couples are choosing a destination wedding for their ceremony and celebration.

So if you’ve just become engaged, after “Congratulations” the first question from everyone is, ?When is the big day?” Today, we also need to ask, ?Where will you be married?”?Just this year alone I know some newlyweds who were married in Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

Why has the destination wedding become so popular? There are so many reasons brides and grooms are choosing to take the show on the road. The destination wedding is perceived as a less stressful way to plan a wedding. Since most of the planning is done with the on-site coordinator and the travel planner, it reduces the time for couples to look at wedding sites as well as talk to caterers, photographers, and entertainers.

With so many families and friends geographically spread out needing to fly to the wedding anyway, guests can combine your celebration with a long overdue vacation.

Once the bride and groom arrive to their chosen destination almost everything has been completed. Some destinations will require a blood test and perhaps signing official papers. ?The pre-wedding dinner will most often be held at the hotel or resort as will the wedding.?

After the ceremony, guests can stroll over to the reception area while the photographer is snapping pictures of the new couple. All this at a leisurely pace with wonderful scenery. Who can ask for more?

Contributed by: Adrienne Sasson,??Accredited Travel Counselor and?Certified Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist?

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Free Bridal Bouquet For Your Wedding Day

Are you worrying about what flowers you would like to walk down the aisle with? If you are lucky, you may have the opportunity to win a free bridal bouquet for your wedding day.

A new company called Your Bridal Flowers is giving away a beautiful unique and custom bouquet worth $200 or a floral arrangement with equivalent value for a lucky bride. At Your Bridal Flowers, brides can find cascading flower bouquets, Nosegay bouquets, contemporary bouquets simple, Hand-tied bouquet and silk bridal bouquets for all seasons.

A bride?s bouquet is undoubtedly her best accessory as it completes the gown she wears and it remains the focal point of wedding flowers. The bridal bouquet shape and color, like any other accessory, should blend with the overall theme of the wedding and especially the bride?s gown as well as her bride?s maid?s gowns. Knowing the different bouquet shapes before taking that initial visit to the florist will help brides get the most out of their big day blooms.

To sign up to win your free bridal bouquet, please visit Your Bridal Flowers at and enter your email address in the space provided.

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Diamond Giveaway

Win a Blue Nile Signature Princess Cut Diamond valued at $5000

A gorgeous diamond?is one of the most luxurious purchases in your lifetime.??How do you go about choosing it?? There’s a guide that simplifies?your choice, and?here’s what to consider.??The four Cs ? cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, as well as diamond shapes and certifications all play a major role in your decision.??

Are you feeling lucky today?? You should be. ?Break open the Bordeaux, prepare a little pate and enter to win the Blue Nile prize.? This?glittering, flawless diamond is waiting to be found!?? Register here and get the details at:

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Wine and Cheese Bridal Shower

By Heather Juma?

An unusual theme?for bridal showers is putting together the couple’s first “wine cellar” by?having guests?each contribute one bottle of wine or a wine accessory.??Each bottle of wine should?have a?tag or?note attached with a pretty ribbon?designating each bottle of wine?for a special occasion.

Wine accessories could include a corkscrew, wine glasses, or an elegant decanter.? The menu for the bridal shower should follow the theme and be a wine and cheese party.

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