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Destination Weddings

The destination wedding celebration. It’s the latest trend for brides and grooms. ?According to Adrienne Sasson, a Certified Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist, over one out of six wedding couples are choosing a destination wedding for their ceremony and celebration.

So if you’ve just become engaged, after “Congratulations” the first question from everyone is, ?When is the big day?” Today, we also need to ask, ?Where will you be married?”?Just this year alone I know some newlyweds who were married in Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

Why has the destination wedding become so popular? There are so many reasons brides and grooms are choosing to take the show on the road. The destination wedding is perceived as a less stressful way to plan a wedding. Since most of the planning is done with the on-site coordinator and the travel planner, it reduces the time for couples to look at wedding sites as well as talk to caterers, photographers, and entertainers.

With so many families and friends geographically spread out needing to fly to the wedding anyway, guests can combine your celebration with a long overdue vacation.

Once the bride and groom arrive to their chosen destination almost everything has been completed. Some destinations will require a blood test and perhaps signing official papers. ?The pre-wedding dinner will most often be held at the hotel or resort as will the wedding.?

After the ceremony, guests can stroll over to the reception area while the photographer is snapping pictures of the new couple. All this at a leisurely pace with wonderful scenery. Who can ask for more?

Contributed by: Adrienne Sasson,??Accredited Travel Counselor and?Certified Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist?

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