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Cyber Wedding Album – Natalja and Jim


Natalja and Jim – Palm Beach, Florida

Met in November, 2003
Engaged in November, 2005
Married on March 25, 200

Beautiful Natalja felt she was unlucky in love most of her whole life. Some friends of hers suggested she try? and that decision changed her life. She decided to stop trying being perfect and after a few weeks online she responded to Jim’s email because she could feel the warmth in his emails.

After one month of exchanging emails, they finally met and it was “love at first sight.” On the second date, Jim brought her a pumpkin pie that he made himself. Natalja realzed on that date that this was going to be the man she was going to marry.

Two year later after their first date, Jim proposed to Natalja and the beautiful Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Jim had secretly planted a champagne bottle in the water beachside where they were dining and inside the bottle she found a hand written scroll from Jim asking her to marry him. ? According to Natalja, miracles do happen when meeting online and she didn’t ignore the message in the bottle.

Congratulations Natalja and Jim for being in the?Cyber Wedding Album.?at

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