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Digital Family Reunion

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It was an event that topped all events last week at the Digital Family Reunion where early adopters of the Internet from the web 1.0 crowd mingled with the web 2.0 crowd at a holiday celebration. Presented as the holiday party of the millennium with about 800 in attendance, many of us reminisced about the last ten to fifteen years including the dotcom bubble as well as the bursts in our careers.?

Guests were promised they would reignite old relationships, spark new ones, and get ready for 2009 with a new start. The promise was an understatement. ?It was social networking at its best.?

The producer, a long time friend of mine – Brad Nye, along with Tony Winders, Kurt Daradicks, and Dave Leighton from Women in Technology International, coordinated an energizing event with technology gurus in our industry.

I was practically in tears as I thanked Brad Nye for co-creating the title of my new book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating, with me back in 1995. Almost 14 years later the book is now being published and will be released in February of 2009.?

The Digital Family Reunion’s mission is to help set an engagement platform to advance the conversation between these like-minded, yet diverse communities by asking the question: “If we knew how connected we all are, how would that change everything?”

Lives were changing that evening as busy attendees were cultivating new relationships. Embracing the web 2.0 world with new friends we meet along the way is changing the way we communicate and relate in today’s world of expanding your social and business network on a daily basis. ?I am glad to be a part of this convergence and wonder what will be in store for us when web 3.0 arrives.

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