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Peril of the Week – Two is Not Better than One

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periloftheweekIn the category of oops – I got caught, I recently heard the story of a young woman who was told she had an exclusive relationship by the man she met online. Apparently, he made the same promise to another woman in the same town. What the gentleman courter didn’t realize is that while one girlfriend was a hairdresser at a fancy salon in town, that the other girlfriend was a patron of the same establishment. Now, no one knows more of the intimate details of their patrons than a hair stylist or a manicurist who are not bound by confidentiality. So when the patron told her hair stylist about her new beau, the hair stylist shared her joy and told her she also met someone online and that they agreed to date exclusively as well. With his online profile removed, both felt comfortable their love was sincere. However, while sharing this information both became aware that their new boyfriend had the same first name. When his last name was revealed and it too indeed did match, a cat fight did not take place. The beau simply got caught and was dumped by both of the women. The moral of the story, “two is not better than one.” If you are not ready to commit, make it plain and clear while you are dating, or you may walk away empty-handed.

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