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It was a privilege and honor to meet the lovely Allegra Huston, sister of Anjelica and daughter of the legendary director, John Huston, at her book signing and appearance at The Council of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles.

Her new book,?Love Child: A Memoir of Family Lost and Found, is an emotional story of her life starting as a child at the age of four, with the tragic car accident death of her mother. Shortly there after, she was introduced to a man and was told, ‘This is your father.” ?The man was legendary film director, John Huston. At the age of twelve, she was then shocked as she was introduced to her biological father,?the British aristocrat ?John Julius Norwich.

She spoke about her family dynamics, including attending the funeral of her legal father, John Huston along with her sister Anjelica and Jack Nicholson. ?As she read excerpts from her book, we listened and all felt her warmth and sorrow as she shared her emotional stories with the group.

Allegra Huston shows great strength as she shares the details from her painful memoir, including finding out that she was a “Love Child” which resulted from an affair her mother had, to the sadness of having no memory of ever being in her mother’s arms, to having two high-profile fathers. She shares her love and acceptance of her large extended family.

I applaud Ms. Huston for her courage to share her stories with the world. She is now happy and living in New Mexico with her son Rafael, and his father.

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