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Peril of the Week – Caught by the Caller ID


Contact Us by PhoneEvery day I hear stories from men complaining of women cyber-stalking them and likewise, the women have the same complaint about men who just won’t go away. Although I have never gone in this direction myself, this particular story is worth sharing.

A handsome gentleman, who is a fan of online dating, started communicating with a woman who lived about an hour a way from him. They spoke frequently on the phone, but had not yet set a date to meet. The man was a busy executive and traveled frequently for work. Although he had terrific phone chemistry with his new online gal, he wasn’t ready to set up a first date.

Meanwhile, the woman started to think there was something special about their relationship. After all, he did call her almost daily. She thought the relationship was moving forward.

So when the busy executive called to check in with his new online honey, and she saw the phone number on her caller ID of the hotel he was staying in, she decided to surprise him with an unannounced visit.

With great anticipation and excitement, she drove for six hours to meet the new man of her dreams. When she arrived in the out of town city, she dialed his cell phone to tell him the exciting news. She was waiting in the lobby for him at his hotel.?

Now, this scenario could turn out either way. He could have been flattered and thrilled that his new email gal thought enough of him to drive for hours for the big surprise. On the other hand, he could have been mad and irritated and felt her gestures were sneaky and calculated.?

Unfortunately, the single focused busy executive was not pleased by this surprise. In his eyes, he had a cyber-stalker on his hands who he wanted to send back with a one-way ticket to her hometown. It’s sad when the phone chemistry does not turn out well, but it happens.

Sadly, the woman drove back six hours to her home and family and never met the executive. She pleaded and begged, but he immediately lost interest and asked her never to contact him again.

Now, I am not pointing fingers at this man who didn’t take the time to tell her in person. Although I would have been curious, he considered her a cyber-stalker and the pre-mature affair ended abruptly.

One needs to wonder how one can get so emotionally attached to someone we haven’t yet met. In this case, she should have asked permission to accompany him on his road trip. Instead, she ended up going home as a jilted cyber-date. The bottom line is, if you don’t want someone to know your whereabouts, call from a private line.

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