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Peril of the Week – In Second Place

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I recently heard the story from a man who treated his cyber-date to a lovely evening of fine wining and dining. He thought the evening was going well, but he couldn’t help but notice that his date was taking notes on the napkin during the entire evening.

Finally, she slid the note over to him, face down. He wondered if it was a “love note” or if she was writing some poetry to express her desire for him.

When he turned the paper napkin over, the man was stunned. It was a break up note that said, “I can’t date you anymore.?There is another man that I must find out about that I met a week ago. If there isn’t anything there, or if he doesn’t like me, then maybe we can get back together.” ?

He wasn’t interesting in being the sloppy second and went home laughing about the experience.

Ah, those who think the grass is greener may come up empty handed. Time will tell. But it is she who won’t get the second chance.

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