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Peril of the Week – June Carter Cash or Charge

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We all know how important that first impression is with your online dating photo. Men fear that the women have their younger sister’s photos instead of their own and calculate the accurate weight of their cyber-dates when they have that disappointed look on their face.

So when my male buddy, the very happily married man who met his wife on Official Site, responded to an online dating profile?
with a “blurry” photo, he should have known better. Of course he knew, and as a result he made plans for an early dinner. When he walked into the restaurant, he immediately got a nauseous feeling that every single online dater experiences at one point or another. ?It’s that moment that we are all familiar with when you see someone waiting alone at the table who vaguely resembles the person you were expecting to meet, and you really aren’t sure that it is your date as they don’t look familiar at all.

His first thought when he saw his cyber-date was, “OMG…who replaced the woman with the nice smile in the profile with June Carter Cash?” Being the nice guy that he is, he didn’t walk out of the restaurant, which by the way both men and women have done exactly that. He approached the woman, but it was very uncomfortable. She tried to flirt with him, but she was noticeably older than his age limit. He thought she looked like she had just come from “The Grand Ole’ Opry” or something. She had a thick southern accent that matched her thick black eyeliner.?

When his not so southern belle went to the ladies room, the waiter actually came to the table and asked if he or his mom wanted to order a drink. One needs to have a good sense of humor about these situations, and fortunately my friend has a good attitude about things. He was glad they met at 5:30 so it could be an early evening. They parted ways in under one hour, and he wished her well. Although he is a true gentleman, he couldn’t walk his date to her car. He just wanted it to end.?

When he arrived home, he was greeted by an email from his date, where “Mrs. Cash” had “charged” him with a series of offenses that clearly roused her deepest sense of hurt and anger. She accused him of preferring men over women, because he failed to see her as attractive . She wrote the kind of male bashing email that makes us women look bad.

It was the last online date he had on that particular site. ?It’s always best to put your recent online photos on your profile, and get a professional photographer if necessary to avoid those disappointing looks that keep reappearing if you don’t.

The Peril of the Week was contributed by Scot McKay, dating coach and creator of Online Dating Domination, an online dating program for men to successfully dominate in your metro area on the dating site of your choice.

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