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Peril of the Week – No Kiss, No Tip


Peril of the Week

I recently received an email from a woman who described in great detail a dramatic first date.

She and her date connected well online and decided to go to a local wine bar to meet for the first time.

Immediately, she felt there was a nice connection between them. As the glasses of wine turned into dinner, the evening got better. They shared delicious carcuterie plates and good conversation. When they started holding hands during dinner, she felt a second date was imminent. There was that chemistry and magic one dreams of having when they meet someone for the first time. At one point he leaned over to kiss her, but she demurred politely since it was the first date. He didn?t seem to mind her reaction.

At the end of evening, as he escorted her to her car, he bluntly accused her of being a woman looking for a free meal. He didn’t?believe she really wanted to be on a date with him.

He told her that he was ?appalled? that she didn?t offer to help pay the tip. To add insult to injury, he then said ?wow? in annoyed astonishment, turned his back, and walked away.

She was left standing in the darkness shocked, jaws wide open, and speechless.

She wondered, did this all happen because she didn?t kiss him and didn?t offer to help pay for dinner? He didn’t ask for her to contribute. If he was offended or if his expectations weren?t fulfilled in anyway, he could of at least expressed them in a polite and constructive manner. She will never know. She called to apologize for any miscommunication, but in the end she realized it just a bad date and not a match.

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2 Responses to “Peril of the Week – No Kiss, No Tip”

  1. Johnny on April 6th, 2010 8:44 pm

    Women don’t really understand how expensive the dating process is. Maybe the guy was a total jerk, but I can say that it is always nice when a woman, especially on the first few dates, offers to contribute. I think women forget that men pick up the check a lot, even when the chemistry is bad. was it not kissing or whatever, no one can know, but i can say real partnering begins in mutuality, humor, respect passion, but mutuality. Common courtesy gestures go a long way with guys. Oh and just fyi it is the offer that is nice, most men will not take you up, but will appreciate that you recognize they are paying.

  2. Julie Spira on April 6th, 2010 8:55 pm

    Thanks for your comments Johnny. We weren’t there to see what happened. All we know is that she liked him and had hoped there would have been a second date and felt disappointed. Perhaps we’ll get to hear his version of the date.

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