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Peril of the Week – No Spring Fling, Just a VISA Please

Peril of the WeekA new online dater shared one of her recent stories about a hot date in the big city. She and her handsome date decide to meet at an ultra-hip sushi restaurant in the heart of Chelsea.

When her date walked into the trendy hotspot, she noticed something a little odd about him. He simply appeared too pretty, too well groomed, and too well dressed. Unlike her past boyfriends, who were handsome and defined the term “metro-sexual”, there was nothing about this date that didn?t appear manly.

Within the first twenty minutes of their date, as they exchanged small-talk, he set down his lychee martini and bluntly said, “Look, I’m actually gay and I’m searching for an American girl to marry. I?ll get my green card, you?ll get whatever you want.”

Looking back she wished there had been a video camera to capture the look on her face. She was confused, disheartened, and dying to laugh all at once. After telling him that she was definitely not interested in a marriage for convenience, he remained a gentleman and they returned to small talk for the rest of dinner, mostly about fashion. It wasn’t a complete dating disaster, but it was a night to remember.

She decided the lychee martini that he ordered that was a red flag, warning her that this handsome date was really not her type.

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1 thought on “Peril of the Week – No Spring Fling, Just a VISA Please”

  1. I haven’t heard of an experience like this and it is quite a shame that people do this under the ruse of “online dating”. But, the online dating world does offer surprises and we have to temper our expectations and enjoy the process. If nothing else, she has a great story.
    .-= Tim´s last blog ..Best Online Dating Sites =-.

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