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Peril of the Week – The 2nd Date Shuffle

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Peril of the Week - The 2nd Date Shuffle

One of the best parts about joining an online dating site is the huge dating pool that is created when you post your online dating profile. However, the downside can result when you get shuffled around like this handsome gentleman did.

After a very successful first date, ?two singles decided to put a second date on their calendar. There was chemistry. It was comfortable. Both seemed to want to move on to a second date.

However, when it got closer to actual day of the date, the woman called and asked if she could reschedule. She claimed she had a conflict in her calendar. The gentleman was happy to accommodate her request and they moved the date to the following week. When she asked to reschedule again for a second time, he was a bit suspicious but agreed to a revised date.

You can imagine how surprised he was when he went to the local deli to pick up a sandwich, only to find that he was replaced by another man she met while cyberdating. She seemed a bit embarrassed, as she should have been. He got shuffled around one too many times and suffered from a case of the “Second Date Shuffle” phenomenon. The interesting part of the story, is that this happened to him once before.

One has to wonder, how many men she was juggling. The man left in frustration and wondered, who will be the next man on her date card.Was it a dating disaster? I guess not as it seemed impossible to get to the second date.?Perhaps he should take up shuffleboard lessons and perfect this sport or just shuffle off to Buffalo.

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