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Peril of the Week – The Movie Date

Peril of the Week - CyberDatingExpert.comI personally believe that chivalry is alive and well. I find it quite sexy and appealing when a man opens a door, pulls out a chair, and takes care of your parking on a date.? Like it or not, it’s also usually customary for a gentleman to treat the woman on a first or second date. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but the one who does the asking, is usually the same one who picks up the tab.

And so the story goes with the intelligent “shrink to the stars” who invited his online date to go see a movie. The two had their first date the week earlier and the conversation just flowed. It only seemed appropriate when he contacted her the following day to put a second date on the calendar. He suggested a movie and let her make the selection. The theatre was decided upon and they were scheduled to meet at 7:00pm.

As it got closer to their meeting time, the gentleman sent a text message saying that he was running late for their movie date. He requested that she pick up the tickets and she complied. When he arrived, she handed him the tickets and he made a huge mistake. He didn’t offer to pay her back for the tickets. A bit stunned, she wondered why, considering he had asked her to the movies. They met in an adjacent bar prior to showtime. When the menu arrived, he asked what she would like to drink. The woman suggested a mid-priced glass of sparkling wine.

What she didn’t expect to hear when he placed the order was the following. “We’ll have one glass of sparkling wine with two glasses.” Basically, he wanted to split one drink. There was nothing romantic about splitting a drink with someone she recently had met. He didn’t want to splurge on two drinks, nor did he want her to have a complete drink. It was a first for her, and a last date for them.

Understandably, dating can get expensive. But, first impressions mean a lot and chivalry is still alive and well. My dating advice: Gentleman, please don’t request to split a glass of any beverage on a date with someone. You’d be better off ordering water for yourself, and allowing the lady to have her very own beverage. Add that to the unreimbursed movie tickets, and it became a dating disaster.
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Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert. She's an award-winning dating coach who's been helping singles find love online for 25+ years. Follow @JulieSpira on IG.

2 thoughts on “Peril of the Week – The Movie Date”

  1. Reminds me of the (first) date I had with a guy from the singles group at church. I had casually known him for awhile. Was kind of surprised that one day he decided to act friendly and ask me out.

    He picked me up. He had a few resto suggestions. It was 5ish on a Sunday. We selected one. We sat down and he said he was not that hungry and wanted something “light”. He repeated that with the emphasis on “light”, then asked whether I wanted to split something. Um, “no I’m hungry” was the response. (I’m thinking uh oh, what’s next?)

    The waitress came by and asked for a drink order. I think I quickly ordered something and then it was his turn. He was sooooo slow and she was just standing there waiting. (It’s only a drink fella!). Then he said he thought he wanted a beer. He wanted to know what kind of beer they had. She listed about 15 beers for him. More stalling.

    He then asked her how much the such and such draft was. She told him the price. “And what’s the price of the Stella Artois?”. She answered. Basically, he went through the whole list of beers and asked her the price on each one!!

    Yep. That was the last date with him. Too bad.

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