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Peril of the Week – Three’s a Crowd


A recently divorced New Yorker, decided to try online dating after his frustration of meeting the same type of women over and over again in the city. He took the time to put together an attractive, yet honest profile and was looking forward to meeting someone with similar interests.

After some misses, he thought he may have found a hit after his first couple of dates with a particular woman. He thought she was cute, smart, and athletic — all characteristics that he was looking for in a girlfriend and future wife.

As they continued dating, however, the gentleman noticed a disturbing trend. It seemed that every time they went out she got plastered and made a fool of herself. As he thought about it more, he realized that she drank more than any of his friends. They had been dating for 3 months and he decided to give her some additional time to see if she would snap out of it.

He took his cyber-date on a romantic weekend getaway with a few other couples, and the outcome was the same. She got smashed again. ?In the middle of the night, she woke up in a drunken stupor, got ill in the bathroom, and returned to the wrong room. As she crawled into a bed that was not her own, she woke up the couple sleeping there. The awoken woman was none to pleased and began accusing her boyfriend of inviting her into their bed for a “three-some.”

After the yelling and screaming died down and everyone returned to their own beds, the gentleman wondered how he could have gotten so involved with the tipsy girlfriend. The next day, he ended their relationship.

A few weeks later, she reappeared on a different Internet dating site advertising different quality traits than she actually had and never mentioned her love for partying. ?He realized she was not the girl for him and he added her profile to and suggested she seek help for her alcohol addiction.

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