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Peril of the Week – Where’s My Car?

istock_000006131124xsmallA fine gentleman went on a cyber-date only to find the woman he?met did not resemble her online photo. Does this sound familiar? ?It is the biggest complaint I hear from both women and men who are members of online dating sites. However, he chose to have a pleasant dinner and enjoyed the conversation. Although he had no plans to ask the woman out again, he graciously took her valet parking ticket after dinner, and he patiently waited for her car to arrive. ?And they waited……and waited…..and waited – only to find out that another patron of the restaurant, who drove the same model automobile as the unfamiliar dinner date, had just driven off in her car.

The gentleman, who was anxious to get home and search for a better match, found out that his date’s car was on its way to another home – 40 minutes away from the restaurant. ?Although their date got extended by several hours until they managed to exchange cars, it certainly was a mishap that ended up in the?Peril of the Week. ?The female diner was lucky she wasn’t left there stranded at the restaurant and forced to take a cab to retrieve her car. ?Thank goodness there are still true gentleman left in the world.

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