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Peril of the Week – Who Asked for a Bar Brawl?

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I met a lovely young lady who accepted a third date from a man she met in an online dating site. Now, some may think there is a lot of pressure when it’s time for date #3. More often than not, cyber-daters don’t make it past the first date. So one would think it’s time to be on your best behavior.

They went to a local bar for drinks and as her date was walking to the men’s room, he inadvertently pushed a guy who had too much to drink. Rather than apologize and move on, the tipsy man got angry and provoked a fight with her Internet date. So the moment came where her date had to make that big decision, move on or join in.

Unfortunately, he chose to swing back at the drunken man, and knocked him down. This resulted in a true bar brawl and the bouncer had to kick both of them out of the establishment. Her date had a cut on his eye and drove home in his own car. Fortunately for the lovely young woman, she drove to the date alone and made it home safely.

One has to wonder who was he trying to impress? Now he has been banned from his favorite watering hole and lost the girl.

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