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Pheromone Parties ? Dating in a Scented World

Pheromone PartiesPheromone Parties. Could they be a new substitute for frustrated online daters? I was asked by CBS News to comment on the new trend that started in Los Angeles. Before the story went live, I posted the question on our Facebook page, with over an overwhelming response that singles believe the nose doesn’t always know.

Would you go to a pheromone party and how does it work?

Basically singles who participate must sleep in a tee shirt for several days, drop their sweaty tees? into a jiffy bag, freeze them for three days, and bring them to a cocktail party for their potential date or mate to sniff their way to love. Is this a good way to start a relationship?

Is it chemistry, science, or just a passing fad?

Often singles get frustrated with both the bar scene and online dating in general. Having a “hook” to get singles together to meet in-real-life is a terrific idea. I look at Pheromone parties as a modern day replacement of wine-and-cheese parties. However, I question the desire of the masses to sniff out the armpits of tee-shirts that people have slept in for several days. Perhaps it’s something to try once, but don’t retire your online dating profile while in search of the perfect scent.

We know that certain scents will always be a turn-off for some, such as shirts permeated with the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke, or just plain old gym-sweat. However, some colognes or scents might remind someone of a former sweetheart and can increase your desire to meet that person. At the end of the day, finding someone compatible usually comes down to similar values and interests. If someone’s body-oder is a turn-off, you’ll know pretty quickly.

What did our Facebook friends have to say?

I asked our thousands of friends and followers, both male and female, single and married, to comment on Facebook.

Let?s hear it from the girls

Robin said, “Pheromone’s should be natural between people attracted to each other. Call me square but I wouldn’t be ready for something like that?”

Karyn said, ?No. Only in L.A.?

Shelly chimed in with, ?Oh my!?

Debbie said, “Not sure, but it is interesting to think about!”

Sara said, “You’d be smothered by Drakkar…..gross.”

Barbara said, “No. I like the smell of soap.”

Cindy said, ?”LOL. Are you kidding?”

Rachel said, “Read about that. Creepy and gross.”

Let?s hear it from the boys

Jay said, ?Not. I miss the old days of meeting a beautiful woman at a rock concert……..?

Peter said, ?Saw a report on CNN on that the other day. No! C’mon people?”

Guy said, ?I can see a new section on for this…..?

Ernie said, ?LOL…LOL…are you kidding??

Glenn said, “Hipsters will bite into anything new won’t they?”

David said, “Might work if I was a beagle?.”

Mike said, “No! C’mon people?”

The married men chimed in

Gil said, ?Well, AFTER we were married, my wife always wanted me to leave a worn shirt with her when I was away on trips. Sleeping with my scent comforted her.?

Ed said, ?I’m sure glad that I’m an old married guy! : )

Only Mark seemed to think it was a viable dating option by saying, “Haven’t been having that much luck lately with my dates, so why not?”

Read the full article on CBS ? KNXT, Las Vegas Pheromone Parties: A Scientific Way for Singles to Mingle

Would you go to a Pheromone party in your city?

Your comments are welcome.

Julie Spira is an online dating expert and CEO of Cyber-Dating Expert. Her irresistible profiles help singles on the dating scene shorten their search to ride off into the digital sunset. For more dating advice, sign up for the Weekly Flirt newsletter and like us at

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Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert. She's an award-winning dating coach who's been helping singles find love online for 25+ years. Follow @JulieSpira on IG.

1 thought on “Pheromone Parties ? Dating in a Scented World”

  1. I’ve been wearing pheromones for quite some time now. I live in Australia so pheromone parties were a completely new concept to me — but now that I’ve seen just how much of communication is actually influenced with the use of synthetic pheromones… it makes total sense for people to use them as a way to date eachother.

    Personally, I have a very good sense of smell – and sometimes I am attracted to certain women more than others specifically because of that reason. I can tell you that women of similar ethnic backgrounds are more attractive to me than others. I am not attracted to Asian or cauasian women, but insanely attracted to hispanic, polynesian, and several type other darker skinned women.

    Anyway, I will definitely keep an eye out for pheromone parties if they happen to show up in my area (Australia)!

    – Phero Joe

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