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The Peril of the Week – No Easy Rider

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Peril of the Week

Imagine that you’re a busy executive looking for love online and you finally connect with a sexy lady whom you share many things in common such as riding motorcycles. This new date was indeed a true biker enthusiast, since right at the beginning she kept on repeating, “You know, there is nothing like a Harley.?

This was great for the guy who was the proud owner of a nice Harley Davidson VRod, one of the most classic and muscular models on the road. The Harley guy and his date were an item for two months. Things were going well–after all–she wanted a “sensitive, intelligent man but with a bit of bad boy…” and his Harley really turned her on.

One day the Harley owner decided to trade in his reliable, bike for a brand new Honda Goldwing, a high performing touring motorcycle. He didn?t ask for her permission or opinion. He pulled up proudly at his date’s doorstep to take her to a party. “When I arrived she looked at me like I had two heads” said the executive.

At the party the couple met a few other motorcycle enthusiasts and when the conversation turned to bikes, his date kept repeating, “There’s nothing like a Harley. There?s nothing like a Harley.” The executive got the message that his lady didn’t like the new Honda because the next day she was uncommunicative and stayed in bed all morning, despite his attempts to talk to her. Later when the new Honda Goldwing owner emailed her suggesting that maybe she needed a Harley guy, she eagerly agreed. The gentleman-biker was immediately dumped because he traded his Harley for a Honda!

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