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The September Issue: Anna Wintour & the Making of Vogue


Julie Spira?Producer and Director, R.J. Cutler?Project Runway's Producer, Jane Cha
Julie Spira ? Producer and Director, R.J. Cutler ? Project Runway's Producer, Jane Cha

Summer is officially over. The fall social season is now in full-swing and the mailbox is once again full with invitations to social events and charity events.?

It started on Tuesday, September 8, 2009, right after Labor Day, with the special screening and west coast premiere of The September Issue: Anna Wintour & the Making of Vogue, held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

The event was hosted by LACMA’s Director’s Circle, Atelier – an acquisitions group for the Department of Costumes & Textiles, ?as well as supporters including Willow Bay, Colleen Bell, Eva Chow, Lisa Eisner, James G. Galanos Foundation, Patrick Herning, Lisa Love, Katherine Ross, Suzanne Sapperstein, Florence Sloan, and Elizabeth Wiatt.

The film, directed and produced by R.J. Cutler, was presented to a sold-out crowd in the Bing Auditorium. Following the screening, we were treated to a private cocktail party in the Los Angeles Times Central Court at LACMA.

Most of us in attendance had already seen the film, The Devil Wears Prada. This was the real thing up-close and personal.?I am pleased to say that I loved The September Issue. The film highlights the making of ?the 2007 issue of Vogue, which was the largest one ever published. ?R.J. Cutler did a terrific job showing us an inside look at the magazine?as well as both the personal and business side of their very successful the Editor-in Chief.?

At one point in the film, Wintour was described as the most powerful woman in the United States. She has been at the helm for twenty years.

The film has been nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance 2009 Festival and will officially open in Los Angeles on Friday, September 11, 2009.

Julie Spira is the author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online. She is a member of the board of directors at the Costume Council at LACMA. Visit her at

Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert. She's an award-winning dating coach who's been helping singles find love online for 25+ years. Follow @JulieSpira on IG.

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