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Why I Use Google Voice for Dating


Online dating safety is important for singles looking for love on the Internet. We all want to find love, and usually the sooner, the better. What if you could have one phone number devoted exclusively to dating? Would you be more likely to be handing out your calling card?

If you?re hesitant to give out your home or cell phone number to someone who you?ve only corresponded via email with, you should be right. But there are several options to maintain your privacy while still scheduling dates on your calendar.

For my dating coaching clients, I often recommend that they sign up for a Google Voice account. Using Google Voice is free and is simple to use.

To get started, visit Google.com/voice to set up your account.? The simplest way is to link your cell phone number so you can receive calls while you?re out and about. You?ll have the opportunity to select a custom phone number from several choices. Go ahead and reserve one for dating purposes. Take it one step further and order a social calling card with your new unique dating phone number on it.

Once you select your phone number, you?ll have the opportunity to record your name. I suggest using just your first name. Let him hear your voice and know you aren?t just a voicemail service.

You should record an outgoing greeting as well. Google will magically call your cell phone number and allow you to record your message. The good news is your inbound messages can be transcribed to you and received via text. If you?d like to screen your calls, Google voice provides this service as well. ?I advise singles to have this deactivated, as it could be a deterrent to having someone actually complete the call and leave you a message. You can always turn it on at a future time.

Do you only want to receive calls from your dates during specific times? No problem. Google voice lets you control weekday and weekend calls as well as the times you?d like your phone to ring. Otherwise, the messages will go to your Google voicemail box.

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2 Responses to “Why I Use Google Voice for Dating”

  1. MrRight.com.au on February 27th, 2011 8:44 pm

    Hi Julie, to add to your post: a Google Voice account can also help weed out scammers. Online dating scammers often are reluctant to talk over the phone or online because they prefer to mask their identities. If someone is reluctant to talk or chat over a video call, this could a sign they have something to hide.

  2. Anonymous on March 9th, 2011 4:54 pm

    Great read. Did not think it was that easy. Since I use Google I am certainly going to set up Google Voice. Thanks. Hope this will help with my dating.

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