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Cyber Love Story – Judy and Kenny

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Cyber Love Story of the WeekJudy had been recently widowed and wasn?t ready to date yet. After her husband passed away she said, ?Never again.?

One night over Thanksgiving while visiting her family and was bored, she got a glass of wine and began to peruse the human MLS listing. In this, was

Judy only dipped a half a toe in to online dating, as she posted a profile with no information and no picture. After looking through a myriad of pictures of men in her area from 55-65, she decided that online dating wasn?t for her. She felt that all of the profiles seemed the same.? Before she turned off her laptop, Judy noticed one man?s profile which caught her eye. Kenny had a big smile, curly blond hear, and was wearing a baseball jacket from her favorite team.

Judy laughed at reading Kenny?s humorous profile. However, Kenny had stated in bold letters, ?DO NOT REPLY IF YOU DON?T HAVE A PICTURE,? proving once again that men are visual.

Judy decided to send him a cordial email to tell him that although she had no picture she just wanted to tell him what a funny profile he had. Kenny?s headline said,??I?m looking for someone who colored outside the lines.?

Judy told him that she colored outside the lines professionally, as she was an artist. Upon receiving Judy’s email, Kenny laughed at her remark and wrote her back. Judy was sure she was not ready to date and was only writing to pass the time while she was away on vacation. The two exchanged several emails and much to both their surprise, agreed to meet when Judy returned to town. Kenny still had no idea what Judy looked like, so when Judy returned, they had their first date and spent 5 hours together having coffee. It was “like” at first sight for both of them.. After six months, they decided to move in together and have been a couple for one year.

Both Judy and Kenny colored outside their lines and didn?t close the door when Kenny viewed Judy?s empty profile or when Judy was sure she was not ready to date yet.

It’s amazing what can happen when you follow your intuition, break your own rules, and open your heart.

Congratulations to Judy and Kenny, our Cyber Love Story of the Week couple.

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