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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Lori and Drew

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Cyber Love Story of the WeekLori and Drew met on in 2003. Although Drew called her after their first date, Lori never returned his call. ?He?s an old-fashioned guy looking for a woman to stay home and raise a family vs. someone focused on her career like me,? Lori reasoned.

Lori grew up in a rural town outside of Syracuse, New York, determined not to follow the same path as her mother who had given up her business career when she married Lori?s father. Instead, Lori fled to Long Island for college and spent her young adult life escaping into star-studded big city events as a public relations executive in NYC.

In 2006, at the age of 38, Lori was happy with her career but single and lonely at home. After a rejuvenating trip to Argentina that November, she decided to update her online profile with a fresh faced vacation photo. Three days later, a message from Drew appeared in her inbox.

?Lori, do you remember me?? his email said. She responded in a joking manner, ?Yes, your birthday is February 5th and you give body adjustments.? They had not spoken in three years, yet she recalled the day he was born (it was also her sister?s birthday) and that he was a chiropractor, both of which were not listed in his profile.

Drew immediately asked Lori out again and this time she accepted. Lori had made some transformational decisions that past year, one of which was to ?throw away her list? and be open to date people who she didn?t initially think were her type.

Nine weeks later, Drew whisked Lori away to Los Cabos, Mexico with the intention of proposing to her on Valentine?s Day. They had no idea they would be stuck on the runway for 11 hours due to weather conditions. After 36 hours of traveling and four days of no luggage, the trip ended with a beautiful, serenaded beach proposal. Being in a disastrous situation like this and still being able to laugh was enough proof that Drew was her type after all.

Lori left her career and moved out of the city. The couple had a destination wedding and renewed their vows a month later in a religious ceremony, taking place on the same day as her parent?s 40th anniversary.

The couple now lives in Brooklyn, with their two-year-old daughter, St. Bernard, Thor and a baby girl who will be joining them in July. Lori ended up following a similar path to her mother?s and she couldn?t be happier.

Congratulations to Lori and Drew our Cyber Love Story of the Week who are evidence that you can?t escape your roots or ?type? when it comes to love.

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