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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Sherry and Ian

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sherryandian2Sherry was surfing around looking for some casual fun. She saw Ian’s photo and was instantly charmed by his bright eyes and wonderful grin. When they spoke on the phone she fell in love with his humor and wit. She remarked to a friend that she was delighted to meet someone who was so unique.

On their first official date, Ian arrived holding a gerber daisy out for Sherry. She smiled when she saw the tall, dark, and handsome man and accepted the gift. For Sherry, it was love at first sight. They talked for hours and compared notes and even found out that they had both broken the same front tooth in half.

On their second date, Ian took Sherry to a restaurant by the water and they walked hand and hand on the pier in the moonlight and it felt magical to both of them. Sherry knew that this was the man she had waited for all her life. From standing atop a huge water tower on New Year’s Eve, to riding around an island on his bicycle handlebars at 3am under the stars, to the gondola ride, to the trail of chocolate kissed leading to him, to swing dancing in the streets, the romance between these two is undeniable.

Sherry had almost canceled her account the week before she met Ian, and instead of just a night of fun, the couple ended up finding the love of their lives on ?So, if you are considering going “offline” think about Sherry, and try it out for one extra week. You never know who might be waiting for you in your Inbox.

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