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Cyber Love Story of the Week – The 2 Kellys

Kelly and Kelly Hildebrandt
Kelly and Kelly Hildebrandt

What’s more exciting than meeting the love of your life, becoming engaged, and getting married??This love story of two people with the same name who met on Facebook will warm your heart.

It all started 15 months ago when a girl named Kelly Hildebrandt did a Facebook search of her name and was surprised to find a guy with both the same first and last name. She thought it was funny and out of curiosity, she contacted him in an email that simply said, ?Hi, saw we had the same name?.thought that was cool, just wanted to say hi!?

The male Kelly saw her email, thought she was cute, and it was the first spark of a powerful flame that led to a beautiful online dating courtship.

After several weeks of correspondence, he flew to Florida to meet the woman with his name, and within months he moved there to be with his new love. After eight months of meeting on Facebook, the couple became engaged.

The Kellys have appeared on the?Today show and in numerous articles world-wide about their new found love. In my conversation with the male Kelly, I asked him how confusing it was at home when the phone rang. He explained that they had separate cell phones and in order to avoid the obvious confusion they began referring to each other as ?Guy Kelly? and ?Kelly Girl.?

They will be married on October 11, 2009 and a television special featuring their wedding is in the works.

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