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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Valerie and Adam

Cyber Love Story Valerie and Adam?After being burned big time by my last relationship in 2007, I had officially given up dating,? said Valerie. She added, ?My friends had been imploring me for years to try online dating, but I just couldn’t get past the stigma of it and was extremely concerned about the safety factor.?

Valerie thought the idea of a ton of strangers perusing her pictures and personal details would freak her out.? Finally she joined OkCupid, and as an attractive female was immediately inundated by e-mails.? She wasn?t interested in any of them until she received her first e-mail from Adam.

Adam had been home on a Saturday evening looking at some of the newest profiles on OkCupid, a weekly ritual for him. He believed in emailing a woman right away before she became swamped with emails and possibly gave up on online dating.

?Then I spotted this beautiful brunette with the handle ?fleursetbonbons?. Ah, flowers and candy? so traditional for a woman, isn?t it?? thought Adam. Then when he read Valerie?s profile, he knew she was the type of person he was looking for. ?Her profile said a lot about her personality and style and wasn’t just another, I love sushi and long walks on the beach type of diatribe,? Adam added. He didn?t expect Valerie to write back.

Valerie loved the fact that Adam was the first guy she?d seen on the site with the long haired, rock & roll, chiseled features look that she really went for. When she clicked on his pictures, she saw he also had an incredible smile, and was 6?4? tall, which she loved.

?I honestly wasn’t too impressed by his profile…he seemed a little too interested in beer and sports for my taste…but I decided to take a chance anyway based on the cuteness of his pics,? said Valerie. Valerie liked Adam because he was all about being real and there were no games involved.

Adam recalled, ?I decided to email her and tell her as much, figuring all along I?ll never hear back.?? To his surprise she did respond and they started communicating a lot. On their first date, they went to brunch and he brought her a dozen roses.

Adam and Valerie shared that they have a magnetic attraction to each other that grows every single day. ?He’s caring, attentive, and kind to me. I miss him when we’re apart no matter how long we’ve spent together, and I love being in love with him, said Valerie?

?I would never have expected to meet someone that I could fall in love with online, so I encourage anyone who’s hesitant to take the chance…you really just can’t know unless you try,? Valerie added.

Even though the two currently live approximately 30 miles apart, they regularly see each other about 3-4 days per week and are already considering moving in together.

Congratulations to Valerie and Adam, our Cyber Love Story of the Week who wouldn?t let distance get in the way of love.

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Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert. She's an award-winning dating coach who's been helping singles find love online for 25+ years. Follow @JulieSpira on IG.

6 thoughts on “Cyber Love Story of the Week – Valerie and Adam”

  1. How inspirational! I’ve been skeptical about finding anyone online. This gives me some hope!

  2. Sometime getting heart broken can be so damaging to our self esteem.. I am happy for you Valerie. And to anyone out there having doubts of finding their better half online you really have been an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story…

  3. Cecil L. Mccray

    Thank you for sharing your stories. Broken hearts can heal in God’s time… I’m happy for both of you! Your story serves an inspiration to us! Good luck.

  4. Rod Rodriguez

    The moral of the story: Be Yourself. However, people who are true to themselves are probably the hardest to find online. There is a rule when it comes to social dating sites, put your best foot forward. Valerie and Adam’s love story does break the mold and is proof that someone out there can and will love you for who you are exactly. In an online world full of pretensions and false identities, it’s inspiring to know that true love still exists on the internet. I hope this continues to inspire readers like flamencocat and myself to believe that there are still real people to love online.

  5. I like it when a guy is true and show what he really is. This story somehow offers an advice on how to manage your profile when dating. Your story have given me an idea on what to put on my profile. Hope your relationship continues to become stronger and inspire people looking for their soul mate online.

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