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Dating Sunday 2024 – 9 Tips to Swipe for Love on the Busiest Day of the Year

Dating Sunday
Dating Sunday

It’s back, and Dating Sunday (or Swiping Sunday), on the first Sunday of the new year, will be busier than ever, so get ready for an enormous surge in activity on dating apps on January 7, 2024.

New profile signups, swapping old photos for new ones, and activity will surge like dating apps are on digital steroids this Sunday night.

With off-the-charts activity, the world’s largest digital love fest should peak around 7 – 9 pm local time and remain strong throughout January.

Why is the First Sunday Such a Big Deal for Singles?

In an interview with USA Today, I explained, “You have people recovering from a breakup or who were down during the holidays, you have all those New Year’s resolutions, and you have the clock ticking down to Valentine’s Day.”

First, for singles focused on their resolutions lists, finding love is often on the top after a holiday flying solo. Being questioned by family members during the holidays about your relationship status can make some singles hide under the covers. Still, singles should get proactive and put their best digital foot forward when activity is on the rise.

Second, being a victim of Breakup Season, the two weeks leading up to Christmas, more singles are entering the dating pool, so it’s time to push the restart button and start anew.

Finally, Dating Sunday is just shy of six weeks until Valentine’s Day, often compared to the Super Bowl of online dating, and looking at the calendar, it’s peak season for singles searching for love on dating apps.

Let’s take a deep digital breath and begin our deep dive into Dating Sunday.

Dating Sunday by the Numbers

Here’s what you can expect on several popular dating apps on Dating Sunday.


The matching process is speeding up across all dating app platforms. Tinder reports users respond on average 19.4 minutes faster than on other Sundays of the year.

They also expect the number of messages sent to be 22% higher than the rest of the year, with the number of likes (a heart or a right swipe) at 18.2% higher than the rest of the year.

Tinder’s data also shows the world’s largest dating app expects 11.4 million more messages during peak season and 58.7 more likes than the rest of the year.

Dating Sunday Tip #1 Clearly Define Your Relationship Goals

Be realistic about the type of relationship you’re looking for. Interestingly, On Tinder, around 40% of their users are seeking serious relationships. You can select from one of these six relationship types on their app: Long-term partner, long-term, open to short, short-term, open to long, short-term fun, new friends, or still figuring it out.

Dating Sunday Tip #2: Pay Attention to Your Profile Pictures

Remember, you’re only as attractive as your least attractive photo, so make sure you upload 6-8 of your very best photos.

During the Peak Season period of January 1 – February 14, 2024, Tinder predicts their members will add 2,263 new photos to dating profiles every minute. I did the math, and that equates to 135,580 photos per hour, or 3,258,720 photos daily, or almost 124 million new photos from Dating Sunday through Valentine’s Day.

Unsure if your photo should be posted? Ditch the bathroom selfies, and nix the sunglasses and filters because photos to attract your ideal Match should reflect your actual appearance on your first date.

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A Match 12th annual Singles in America study showed that 73% of singles are looking for a lasting relationship, with only 10% saying they want to date casually. This is great news for singles looking to change their relationship status.

In 2023, Match expected more than a 70% increase in new singles joining on Dating Sunday, with over 1 million messages being exchanged daily through Valentine’s Day. (Over 55 million messages during peak season). 

Dating Sunday Tip #3 Don’t Limit Your Search to Your City

Long-distance relationships are rising, so don’t be married to your zip code. Match reports over 50% of their users are open to having a relationship with someone who lives more than three hours away.

Check out their Highlights feature curated daily with potential matches, and take action to “like” them to speed up your search.


OkCupid’s State of Digital Dating report shows the entire month of January is a great time to match on their question-filled app. 

OkCupid expected January of 2023 to hit over 50 million total conversations, with over 530 million likes and over 40 million matches.

Dating Sunday Tip #4: Ask and Answer Questions

On OkCupid, Answering more of their thought-provoking questions will help you match with compatible singles. These are instant ice-breakers on like-minded topics and issues. Plus, answering 500+ questions puts an expert status badge on your profile.

Dating Sunday Tip #5 Verify Your Profile and Photos

When you verify your profile to receive a blue tick icon on your profile that shows authenticity and creativity to potential matches. On Tinder, verification is easily done by providing a simple video selfie on Tinder, and here are their instructions:

1. Open Tinder and tap the profile icon 

2. Tap the gray checkmark by your name 

3. When you see “Get Verified”, select Continue

4. If you haven’t yet, grant Tinder access to your camera 

5. Frame your face in the oval and tap I’m Ready

6. Follow the prompts on the screen, to submit a short video selfie

Dating Sunday Tip #6 View your Likes and Super Likes to speed up your search.

There are so many features on dating apps, with some you can access for free, and others with a paid premium membership. To ease the process, see who has liked you and send a like (a digital flirt) back.

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A Bumble Trend report also shows that singles are willing to connect in multiple cities.

In 2023, Thirty-three percent of daters revealed they’re more open to relationships with someone who lives in another town or state.

Dating Sunday Tip #7: Use Travel Mode to Set up a Date Before You Pack Your Bags

On Bumble Premium+, their travel mode feature allows you to set the city you’ll be traveling in before you leave on vacation. Plus, your upgrade will enable you to activate unlimited likes to receive more matches. I always say safety first. Like Tinder, you should verify your profile on Bumble and request your potential match to do the same.

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Dating Sunday Tip #8: Embrace AI to Get the Best Matches

On Bumble, they now have a daily curated feature called Best Bees with match suggestions based on your activity. To view your Best Bees, click on the diamond icon at the bottom of your profile. You’ll get one free for a week, so I recommend using it on one of your favorite Best Bees. Plus, once you’re a mutual match with someone and move to the chat queue, your Best Bees will include a special yellow badge with a diamond icon to remind you that they’re worth meeting.

Dating Tip #9: Don’t Play the Waiting Game

Authenticity is essential to finding a match, and playing hard to get won’t fill your date card. If you think someone is a good match, so will many others. By the time you craft and send your perfect message, your potential BF or GF might already be in a committed relationship.

You can binge-watch your favorite shows on Tuesday, but on Sunday and Monday nights, make sure the battery on your mobile phone is charged and ready to go from 7-9 pm.

Until then, fine tune your profile, consider having your profile reviewed by a trusted dating coaach, and leave the novel at home by reducing the word count.

In conclusion, keep these tips in mind for a successful Dating Sunday. Happy Swiping and Matching!

xo Julie – Cyber-Dating Expert – Helping Singles Find Love Online for Nearly 30 Years

Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating Expert. She's an award-winning dating coach who's been helping singles find love online for 25+ years. Follow @JulieSpira on IG.

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