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Peril of the Week – Never on a Friday

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During my recent trip to New York, I met several online daters who were anxious to share their stories with me. There are so many reasons, signals, and red flags that indicate that a date will not go well. If you are not flexible with your “rules” that you set up for yourself, you may just end up alone.

I met a woman who is a single mother from New York City. Although there are many single parents online, it does make it a bit challenging when you have a schedule to adhere to with your children. One lovely lady met her cyber-date for a casual coffee one day. The date appeared to have gone well and he asked her out for a second date. This time, he wanted to take her to a movie.

The woman accepted the second date, but then the scheduling conflict began. She told her date that she had her daughter on Monday-Thursday, and could be available to meet him for a movie on Friday. Now, we know that Saturday is a precious “date” day and many singles save the Saturday night date for someone they have had multiple dates with. It’s actually a ridiculous rule, as sometimes you will end up at home watching television reruns if you stand on ceremony.

Her date replied with, “Absolutely not!” He added with, ” I won’t go on a second date with a woman on a Friday night. I am not ready for a Friday night date with you.” Although she explained her parental duties to him, and that she was only available on Friday night, he decided not to move forward with a second date. ?We’ll never know if he found another weekday date and sat home alone on Friday, but she decided that he wasn’t for her.

The moral of the story, be empathetic to your date’s work schedule and family obligations, or you may be sitting home alone and lonely glued to your computer, and lose the opportunity to spend quality time with a date who has values.

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