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Peril of the Week – The CEO With A Secret

istock_000005258609xsmallI heard from a woman recently who was in a panic as she needed to find a date for an important dinner party. With everyone else already married, she felt a bit insecure arriving solo so she went on a quest to find an appropriate “plus one.” ?With six weeks to go, she was sure she would arrive with the perfect date and to accomplish this task she put up a new online dating profile.

Bombarded with responses, the list was narrowed down to six men worth responding to. ?Her choice was to meet the men for coffee. After several email exchanges, with anticipation she went to meet “the guy” for a latte. ?The conversation flowed perfectly. Both parties played golf. He claimed to have been divorced for two years. They met for a second date over lunch, where he took a photo out of his shirt pocket, placed it upside down, and announced that it was a photo of his son.

The woman picked up the photo and was speechless. It turned out the son was only one year old and his mother was not her date’s current wife of 15 years. . ?The woman went to the party alone and was happy to come home to her beautiful 15-year old daughter. The moral of the story…..There are no secrets, it’s just a question of when information like this comes up in the conversation. The sooner, the better.

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