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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Damona and Seth

damonaandseth1By the time Damona met Seth, she thought she had online dating down to a science. She would search for new faces a couple times a week, see emails, respond to emails, IM, talk on phone, go to her neighborhood hangout, Lola’s? for one drink and one drink only.

When Damona joined, she was 24-years-old, but considered herself wise beyond her years. ?She couldn’t possibly date a younger guy or even one her own age, so she searched men 25 years and older on the internet dating sites. Damona was having more success on than she did on Nerve. As a matter of fact, her Inbox on Nerve was fairly empty.

Then one day, she received a message from a man who called himself ?Mr. Pandemonium on Nerve. Damona took one look at his picture and said, “When can I meet you?” ?She threw all her well-learned rules out the window and didn’t even notice that Seth was also 24-years old.

She asked him to call her before the date so she could diligently check him out, but this time, she suggested he choose a place to meet. ?Seth suggested her favorite place…Lola’s. She laughed to herself, “Lola’s it is.”

Damona and Seth had two drinks that night and four years later, they were married. Congratulations to Damona and Seth, our Cyber Love Story of the Week from your friends at

The Cyber Love Story of the Week was contributed by Damona Resnick Hoffman,

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