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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Evita and Billy

Cyber Love Story of the Week

After six years of being in a relationship, Evita broke up with her long-time love. Her needs weren’t being met and he constantly put her down. To build up her self esteem, Evita had photos taken and posted them online on MySpace. She started to make new online friends quickly.

One guy in particular caught her attention. His name was Billy and they immediately began chatting and communicating on SKYPE. They chatted daily on the Internet and she found a man so different than what she was used to. Billy was very giving and Evita never felt better. One day, Billy told her that he was deaf as well as an a amputee.

Evita had already fallen in love with him for who he was and decided that she accepted his disabilities.

Billy was nervous about revealing the truth and was hoping that he wouldn’t lose Evita.

Their relationship was long distance. She lived in Connecticut and he lived in Georgia. Months later, Billy decided to visit Evita. Three months later, the two were married. They have never been happier.

Congratulations to Evita and Billy who found unconditional love by becoming friends on MySpace.

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