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Cyber Love Story of the Week – Misty and Marty

Cyber Love Story - Misty and MartyWhat happens when you innocently start following someone on Twitter who lives in another country?

Meet our Cyber Love Story of the Week couple, Misty and Marty and remember to pay close attention to your followers on Twitter.

It all began when @mistygirlph who resided in the Philippines started following @MartyMcPadden in 2009. Just a few months later, Marty started following Misty as well and their online friendship started to bloom. The two also became friends on Facebook.

Two years later, Misty relocated from the Philippines to the United States where she moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. When Marty found out that Misty was living in the U.S., they exchanged phone numbers and began speaking online. The two used Skype to stay in touch to help their digital courtship blossom.

On the Fourth of July in 2011, Marty and Misty met for the first time when Misty flew from Ohio to Connecticut to meet him in person.

When I personally met Misty and Marty at BlogWorld in November of 2011, I could see that these tweethearts, who were still in a long-distance relationship were truly in love.

During a vacation at Walt Disney World in Orlando in May of 2012, Marty proposed to Misty and she said, “yes!” The two were married in August of 2012 and now both reside in Connecticut.

Congratulations to Misty and Marty, who prove that social media and twitter love can allow you to find that special someone, regardless of what zip code or country they reside in.

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3 thoughts on “Cyber Love Story of the Week – Misty and Marty”

  1. Thank you Julie for sharing our story. We are truly blessed that we found love through our favorite micro blogging site. We although encourage people to use common sense, use safety measures and get to know the person really well before diving in.

  2. It’s an honor to feature such a beautiful story to give hope to others that they can fall in love. Congratulations to you both.

  3. Such a beautiful love story. I agree with Misty about one’s safety online. While there are those who have proven that online dating won’t do you harm, think about of those who suffered a different fate.

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